• Over 150 years of experience
    Designing and manufacturing
    instruments control and calibration
    expertise and experience

Allemano since 1856 until today Designing, manufacturing and selling measuring instruments

Allemano plans, manufactures, sells:

Analogue pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, manual pressure generators, vehicles instrumentation, analogue thermometers, transducers, dynamometers, load cells, torque indicators, digital indicators, softwares.

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Precision Instruments

Planning, manufacturing, selling custom-made and standard measuring instruments.


Allemano Lab offers advanced services for instruments calibration to identify qualities, defects, characteristics and error rates.


Allemano Consulting is the point of reference for organizations in matter of binding legislation and voluntary regulations and for all other requests in the organisational area.

Instruments rental

In pursuing the primary objective of Customers’ satisfaction, Allemano S.R.L. offers, among its several services, long-term Multi-branding Instrumentation Rental, that includes calibration, all risk insurance and assistance.

Allemano Time

"Il Misuratore del Tempo, discover the Collection"