Environmental Area

Allemano Consulting can assist Companies during the whole process necessary to achieve the ISO 14001 and the EMAS environmental certification.

The company also has appropriate resources to undertake impact assessments, analyses and evaluations of indicators and budgets.

ALLEMANO CONSULTING services are also extended to waste activities consultancy on ADR, cross-border transport, Ronchi decree, managing the interface with the competent licensing Authorities.

Through the continuous collaboration with qualified laboratories, ALLEMANO CONSULTING can provide an articulated range of monitorings and environmental surveys on lands, surface and ground waters and atmospheric emissions.

The company offers trained and qualified professionals entitled to conduct third-party Audits, in possess of the certificates required by the standard UNI EN ISO 19011.


Our method is based on an overall vision of the organization and the context in which it operates. Our services are developed as projects and integrated solutions focused on the specific Customer, his demands, his expectations and his needs.

  • Implementation and management of UNI EN ISO 14001 and EMAS Environmental Management Systems
  • Taking the data controller role of Environmental Systems and conducting UNI EN ISO 19011 internal Environmental Audit
  • Evaluations of environmental impacts and budgets
  • Managing waste activities, ADR and cross-border transport