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1856 The origins

Founded in 1856 by Giuseppe Allemano, the factory originally operates in the field of heavy carpentry, manufacturing steam powered road rollers used in the construction of roads.

1919 The first measuring instruments

At the beginning of the 20th Century, thanks to the experience acquired in the control of pressure, the production changes heading towards measuring tools for the control of pressure and temperatures. Those pressure gauges were installed on board of military vehicles (ships, aeroplanes, submarines) and first Italian automobiles. The Fiat 501 Torpedo, the very first to be serially produced by Fiat, is equipped with the 1919 Allemano pressure gauge.

1929 The establishment of the company

In 1929 the son Felice renames the company into Allemano F. & Figli, empowering the manufacturing of precision mechanics for the creation of extremely high precise pressure gauges, thermometers and dynamometers, defining the logo which is currently used.

1950 Allemano on board of aeroplanes, trains and ships

Allemano studies, plans and manufactures a full range of measuring instruments for the aviation, such as pressure gauges for the control of fuel and oil, as well as for rails and ships.

1960 Allemano and the industry

In the Sixties with a full range of precision instruments, the company empowers its manufacture for the mechanical industry, introducing its instruments on presses, industrial machineries, chemical and oil plants.

1980 Allemano’s underwater instruments

Allemano specializes in the crafting, assembly and calibration of underwater instruments, such as hyperbaric chambers, depth gauges and decompression gauges, taking over the brand SOS manufacturing the famous Allemano depth gauges, entirely planned, crafted and assembled in the historical headquarter in Turin.

2010 Allemano departments

Allemano, thanks to its know-how on industrialization processes, divides the organization in three specific areas in order to offer the customers a full 360° service: Precision Instruments, Laboratory, Consulting.

2019 Allemano Time

In 2019 Allemano Time joins other units and completes the range of precision instruments with the "Misuratore del Tempo".


Company with certified quality system

Designing and manifacturing pressure gauges, dynamometers, thermometers, load cells, misuratori del tempo.

Commercializing and calibration of measuring instruments. Design and provision of technical and management consulting services.