Covid-19 prevention devices BLIR-3

Non-contact infrared thermometer for body and surface temperature.

Main features:

  • Adopt reliable sensor;
  • All-new and patented probed design enusure high accuracy;
  • Excellent adaption to ambient temperature. Accurate and reliable even under complicated surrounding;
  • Body mode and object mode available. One switch to change mode.
  • Beeper for fever on high temperature (alarm value can be defined by user);
  • Automatic recall of last reading;
  • Large LCD with back-lit;
  • Display color based on the detected temperature. 'Body' setting: green if the temperature is between 34°C and 37.3°C (normal temperature); yellow if the temperature is between 37.4°C and 38°C (light fever); red if the temperature is between 38.1°C and 42.9°C (hyperthermia)
  • °C/°F reading available;
  • Automatic shut-off;
  • Medical device Class IIa accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health;
  • Completed with calibration Report with ACCREDIA traceability.

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